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Burgundy France (Bourgogne)

Burgundy comprises four 'counties' (referred to as departments in France). The departments are: Cote d'Or, Soane et Loire, Yonne and Nievre.

Burgundy's climate is generally considered to be 'oceanic' with a 'continental' influence : this means that Burgundy has fairly warm summers which can be very hot at times and has relatively mild winters but with very cold periods.

Burgundy is one of the most fascinating of the 22 regions in France, often labeled as the "Land of fine art and living". Bourgogne has a vast and varied landscape with wide fertile river beds, dense forests, granite hills,and limestone valleys.

Every day life in Bourgogne is to be enjoyed, but at a snail's pace, and the secret of life in Burgundy is the good food and wine, with a dash of lush vegetation all steeped in a rich culture.

The ancient capital city of Bourgogne, Dijon, is an absolute must to visit when you are touring the department.